More things with MAS
April 2022

Sustainability first

April was stacked. Coachella made its return, but what really got us excited was Earth Day. And we know you’re thinking—how does MAS protect the planet while in a generally wasteful industry? Well, 2022 is the year we take a firm stance and push back on industry norms. And we aren’t just talking the talk, we are walking the walk—leading change with our LEED-accredited creatives, True advisors, and our dedicated MAS Sustainability Task Force. From our partnerships with Green the Bid, the Events Industry Council, and Green Business Bureau, we’re committed to making our experiences more impactful for your brand and less impactful on the Earth. In this edition of More Things with MAS, we’re sharing what’s exciting our Sustainability Task Force the most this month!


Face it, when you hear the term sustainability you think reclaimed wood, salvaged materials, literal green everywhere - a very specific aesthetic comes to mind. I've been inspired (maybe targeted lol) for very beautiful & refillable products that I'd otherwise be using once and discarding. REUSABILITY, I'm here for it. There are soooo many options! Check out this beautiful Hermes lipstick holder, these biom 100% plant-based biodegradable wipes that come in a sleek dispenser, and my favorite saran wrap alternative beeswax Meli Wraps that come in all colors and patterns (who knew leftovers could look so good). These are small but exciting steps in the right direction to create more sustainable circular economies in everyday products.

- Megan Rhoden, Art Director and on the Sustainability Task Force


This year I am super excited to be hearing all the buzz about what work from home has done for the environment; to think that the average worker avoids pumping 1800 lbs of CO2 emissions each year by working from home is pretty astounding to me. The other bigger picture item that I love to see is on the economic front; some of the biggest asset management companies are diving deep into ESG investing. They are committed to having companies put their money where their mouth is and only looking at companies that are making sustainability apart of their organization's SOP's. If your industry has not gotten with the program yet, it will VERY soon.

- Josh Hernandez, Sr. Operations Coordinator and on the Sustainability Task Force


As frequent travelers, whether for business or pleasure, we should think about traveling more sustainably. When booking your flights consider the many ways you can offset carbon emissions from your travel by purchasing carbon offsets. Most major hotel companies have made commitments to go carbon-neutral by 2050. The next time you're booking a hotel, look out for those hotels with net-zero emissions. There are economic, social and environmental factors that go into being a more sustainable traveler, keep those in mind next time you catch the travel bug! A little extra research and consideration can make an impact.

- Adilene Delgado, Production Accountant and on the Sustainability Task Force


When it comes to sustainability in the industry, it can be a hard, uphill battle. If we still need convincing that it's important and immediate, we have to look at the Google Climate Doodle to realize that in our lifetime, massive changes have already occurred. Joining our sustainability army are our vendors! Caterers are signing on to zero waste pledges, swag vendors are taking Climate Neutral Pledges and even fabricators are using SFC lumber and VOC paints. It's a start and gives hope as MAS puts all the disparate puzzle pieces together to fully realize 'sustainable events'.

- Bryce Bermingham, Producer and on the Sustainability Task Force


Recently, the Sustainability Task Force was able to hear from Mary Robinson (Former President of Ireland and two-time UN Special Envoy on Climate Change) when she spoke to Green The Bid on how the production sector can make a difference for the climate. She noted that the climate crisis is a 'sad story but it is our story' and as people who work in the world of telling stories we should feel empowered to change the narrative. I believe action starts with education. I usually comb sustainability development on the NYT and just by learning what is going on really instigates me wanting to make a change!

- Hari Maggs, Marketing Associate and on the Sustainability Task Force