More things with MAS
August 2021

A thing to get into

What do remote controlled cars, Pokémon, music discovery, Fortnite virtual concerts, and composting have in common? Not much, actually—except our team has all these things on the brain right now. Grab 5 minutes and enjoy a quick dip into the eclectic happenings around Team MAS.

– Rob Blasko, VP Creative Strategy

A thing to think about
MAS has been producing some amazing virtual programs lately. We recently helped one of our clients push the limits of virtual with a truly interactive experience to take the place of a boring virtual trade show execution. As sponsors of world renowned car racing teams, our client wanted to leverage those enticing partnerships to create a moment that would wow. Our in-house technology team developed a physical mini race track, outfitted with custom-engineered remote control race cars, that could be operated by participants remotely. During our live broadcast event, guests virtually sat behind a physical wheel - thanks to cameras mounted on each RC car - and control their vehicles during this action-packed live competition. While only a select few made it to the trophy podium, all guests experienced the thrill of the race at an event that everyone can’t stop talking about.

Chris Vasquez, Sr Account Manager

A Thing that motivates me
Everyone has different working styles. Some need silence, some like the low bustle of a coffee shop or office, and some (like me!) prefer music. Putting on the same playlist over and over doesn’t do the trick when I’m looking for inspiration. Discovering music is not always easy and Spotify’s Discover weekly can be full of repeats and almost too in tune with me. Outside of good friends, my favorite place to find new music is through Dust to Digital - primarily their instagram account. There’s no limit to the music they cover - it’s from all eras, places, and genres and most importantly you likely have never heard it before. Listening to music from all over is a subtle reminder that when I design experiences it’s not just about me and my lived experience, it’s about everyone. The broader my interests and exposure to music is, the bigger the world, as I perceive it, is.

Marilyn Duellman, Art Director

A Thing to experience
Do you want to be the best… the very best that ever was?

Well, too bad, you just missed Pokemon Go’s 5th-anniversary celebration that brought the game to life. Pokemon Go has always pushed the boundaries of augmented reality but this year Niantic took on a bigger challenge by hosting multiple pop-up events in over 20 cities across the globe in the span of 24 hours. Trainers got to gather in a safe and open space after a year of lockdown — the key experience — being part of a larger community.

*Cue Pokemon Theme Song

Sam Garay, Graphic Designer

A Thing to be in the front row for
I’m so proud to have been witness to the multiple gaming innovations and revolutions that have come and gone over the years. This newest innovation coming from this digital only age has now brought a new experience with a bit of a retro twist; a concert in a game! Over the last year Fortnite has brought us some epic virtual concert performances and this weekend they headlined their newest series with the goddess herself, Ariana Grande, to kick off their Season 7 Rift Tour concert series. My nephews and I were there front and center to catch the amazing show, and it did not disappoint.

Joshua Hernandez, Sr Operations Coordinator

A Thing to consider
If you don’t already, consider composting. We have all prioritized sustainability in the event industry. We choose to use repurposed materials whenever possible, donate goods and come up with clever ways to minimize waste. So why not prioritize sustainability in our personal lives. It may sound like a complicated chore, but I'm here to tell you otherwise. It's easy to turn into a hobby or, better yet, a healthy habit. Compost adds nutrients and organic matter back to soil, which benefits agriculture, reduces our reliance on synthetic fertilizers, and diverts methane-producing organic materials from landfills (NRDC). If you have the space, you can build a compost in your backyard; there are even options for small apartments. I encourage you to go down your own composting path and do what fits with your lifestyle. My food scraps get placed into a freezer bin and dropped off every Sunday at my local farmers market. Peep here to find a drop-off location near you.

Anna Kiser, Executive Producer