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December 2021

A thing to look back on

2021. What a year it was… we saw the revival of y2k fashion, Adele’s iconic comeback and the hard-to-watch but can’t-look-away phenomenon of Squid Game. And amidst all the crazy headlines, we found plenty of things to smile about. As we prepare our resolutions for the new year, let’s see what MAS loved most in 2021.

Lofi Beats
YouTube’s Lofi Girl takes WFH vibes to a whole new level. Its endless hours of lofi beats provide the right amount of white noise needed to crank out work, with a bit of inspiration too (her look changes with the seasons!).

Alex Aviv, Sr Creative Strategist

Cercle music video vibessss
These performances live in my mind rent-free. Watching some of my favorite artists play in stunning landmarks around the world not only cured my wanderlust, but gave a whole new vibe to my solo living room dance parties. (p.s. FKJ @ the Bolivian salt flat is my fav <3)

Maya Smith, Jr. Strategist

The Glass Block Comeback
I don't know about y'all, but this emergence of glass block has got me feeling a type of way. Let there be light, texture and more glasss!

Megan Rhoden, Art Director

70’s Vibes + Disco Balls
This is really a tried and true vibe, especially in my personal life always and forever, but lately it’s being done in a really classy way with decor and especially fashion. My new disco ball planter brings my plants to a whole new level.

Tracy Castagnoni, Executive Producer

Collabs on collabs on collabs
Balenciaga x The Simpsons, Drake x Kanye, McDonald’s x Saweetie - I’m here for all of them, especially the unexpected cross-cultural ones.

Arianna Lebed, Creative Director

Celery Juice!
A recent splurge on a juicer has turned me into a devoted celery juice drinker every morning. If you’re like me and enjoy / don’t mind the taste, the benefits are pretty great. But it’s not for everyone.

Anna Kiser, Executive Producer

The Rise of NFT art?
What is happening with NFT’s? The physical and digital worlds are truly at battle and NFT’s are rising to be mainstream. I’m struggling to keep up but if you remember, the world caught on to the NFT's this past March when digital artist Beeple sold a 10 second NFT video for $69 million! If you're a newbie and lost in the NFT world, a good starting place to explore and collect NFT art is through Opensea. Happy *digital* art exploring.

Peter Emery, Sr Account Director

The Decline of Hard Seltzer
Finally... the clouds have parted and it seems people are having that aha! moment of “wait a minute... this tastes like drinking flavored lighter fluid and I could be drinking something delicious like a beer or a cocktail." Yes... hard seltzer sales are plummeting and brands are realizing that people like things that are well... good. I’m talking to you bud light pumpkin spice seltzer, the only place you belong is down the drain.

Nic Moalli, Influencer (but also our Manager, Creative Operations)