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January 2022

A thing to look forward to

As we near the end of the ‘longest month of the year’ and check in on our New Year’s resolutions, we realize that a lot has happened this year already. 2022 is coming in hot, so how do we ready ourselves for what is ahead? Well, we looked into our crystal balls and tried to predict (and manifest) what we will see in the future. One thing is for sure, there is a big announcement coming from MAS next month so make sure to watch this space!

A thing to consider
A look into the crystal ball of social media shows an aesthetic shift on Instagram where posts are moving away from highly curated "Plandids" to photo dumps, and a much more "casual" style. It seems as though we’re going back to the original days of posting seemingly random moments, but perhaps without the Valencia filter that we all loved so much.

– Zoe Sandoval, Creative Director

A thing to share with strangers
You know that thing where you strike up a conversation with some random person at a bar and then you’re best friends by the end of the night? Well, I don’t. My little introvert heart is very sensitive to stranger danger. That’s why I love a good pop-up supper club; especially one that caters to people who share my interests. These hyper-focused, in-home gatherings surround you with a small group of like-minded strangers (built-in conversation starters!) AND feed you delicious multi-course meals. Win-win! And now, thanks to vaccines and boosters (shoutout to Dr. Fauci) these introvert-friendly outings are slowly creeping back. I’m so looking forward to the (re)rise of the niche pop-up speakeasy!

Ashley Raymond, Creative Director / Creative Operations

A thing to click on
Don’t feel like putting on pants to go to the store? No worries. With an influx of AR & VR products to stimulate the senses through goggles, bodysuits, mirrors, etc, we’ll see more and more brands weave shopping into virtual storytelling content. With immersive online experiences, customers can not only see what an outfit looks like on them, but they can also get a sense for how they “felt” wearing it too. Whether taking your virtual cart through Walmart or digitally walking down the runway of NYFW—we’ll see stories unfold our wallets in new & totally weird ways.

Maya Smith, Jr Creative Strategist

A thing to watch out for
In 2022 we are going to see a big divide in the development of the Metaverse. One side is going to see all of the potential and excitement around it, and the other side will not. I believe live concerts, shows and physical events will continue to sell out and take priority as people are craving IRL connections, not more virtual screen time at home. That's not to say this won't change over time.

Jesse Neal, Executive Producer

A thing to douse your meal in
Expect the recent craze of "hot sauces" to expand to all things condiments in 2022. Since we are all eating at home more, I found that my condiments collection has grown to include many spicey, sweet, and savory delights—anything to dress up that Thursday leftover chicken. In addition, 2022 will bring us expanded mayos in balsamic, Yuzu, and pistachio. Other sauces to look for are Ata Din Din, Gunpowder Chutney, and everyone must have Trader Joe's Bloody Mary Salsain their pantry. 2022 is shaping up to be a year full of flavor, now.. pass the sauce.

Raymond Brown, COO