More things with MAS
September 2021

A thing to relish

As we wave goodbye to Labor Day Weekend and say hello to Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, we realize that the rest of the year is coming up REAL QUICK. Here are some things that are on our mind as we relish in the afterglow of some rest before we switch our swimsuits for ski jackets and the busy holiday season hits us!

A thing to get addicted to
Ah, the rise of DTC brands - otherwise known as Daring To Cut (my bank account in half). I am an avid lover of these fiery little brands that seem to pop up like pimples, and find joy in the weekly newsletters of Thing Testing and CPGD that send me spiraling to justify why a washed up partygoer like myself needs these. But perhaps what excites me most about so many of these brands is watching how they engage consumers around the globe and I am especially looking forward to what these brands will be doing for the holiday season. Like MAS, they create compelling audience-first experiences, and leverage unique technologies to connect and inspire. Now, can I get a round three on YouTube Brandcast Delivered please?!

Alex Aviv, Sr. Creative Strategist

A thing to fly your flag about
San Francisco just announced the creation of the country’s first Transgender History Month. Now every August, we’ll celebrate the historical and cultural milestones, marking the anniversary of Compton's Cafeteria Riots. This LGBTQ uprising precedes the better-known 1969 Stonewall Riots in NYC. Living in a diverse city reminds me why it’s so important to have many different voices in our social and work environments. Here at MAS, we value the differences of others and know our output is more successful and effective when it comes from a group of diversely talented people. If that sounds like you, why don’t you fly your flag at MAS? Reach out to me and join our team.

Raymond Brown, COO

A thing to remember
Abandon all hope (and free time) ye who enter here, for peak event season is upon us! It’s our busiest time for MAS, and the task of pulling off awesome events can often leave the waking day with room for little else. When time gets scarce, it’s easy to feel like bandwidth for self improvement is a distant dream. It’s not. There are many tools out there to get you to the next level. You may find tried-and-true works best for you! Or you might go for something a little more unorthodox in the epic quest to form good habits. Whether it’s striving to be more sustainable in your personal life or just finishing that novel you left off 8 months ago, forming new good habits doesn’t have to be time consuming or a chore!

Frank Vialva, Senior Coordinator

A Thing that motivates me
I was recently on a long-weekend trip with my wife and a couple friends, and wow… I forgot what it was like to not be at my computer for a couple days. As event people, we draw inspiration from everything around us - so we need real-world adventures to round out our ideas. This could mean anything from deriving a color palette from the edible flowers in a tiki drink to honing your problem solving skills on the hardest mini-golf course on the planet.
TLDR: Ditch the laptop and go outside!

Ashley Raymond, Creative Director

A thing to not be afraid of
At MAS we are no strangers to traveling and exploring new cities. However, with current travel restrictions I can only assume many of us are feeling a little trapped. But don’t be afraid to be a tourist in your own city! Locals tend to stay clear of tourist-filled sites in their hometown to avoid crowds and in fear of being bombarded with questions about directions or requests to take someone's photo. Now is the perfect time to really get to know your city! Visit all of the remaining cobblestone streets in New York or take a 24-hour self-guided foodie tour of Los Angeles—don’t be afraid to even take a free guided tour wherever you reside!

Adilene Delgado, Production Accountant