More things with MAS
February 2022

The MAS Glow Up

When MAS started in a Brooklyn apartment 15 years ago, our female founders of color set out to kick ass and take names in a male-dominated industry. And wow: That. They. Did. MAS Event + Design has serviced many of the most influential companies in the world: Google, YouTube, SoftBank, Verizon, Dell, PayPal, and Southwest Airlines, to name a few. And we've picked up enough industry accolades to make us blush - from BizBash's Best Product Launch of the Decade honors, to scoring a coveted spot on AdAge's Best Places to Work list, to an esteemed Clio Award (it’s so shiny). It's been a wild ride, and we've loved every minute of it.

Wait - does that sound like we're closing shop? SHIT. Sorry about that—we're not going anywhere. Today, we're launching the new MAS.

In the past, we've been a little shy about putting too much of our own personality out there in the world—we've always preferred to be the magic behind the curtain. But let's be honest - it's the year 2022, we've all been through the ringer, and it's more than okay to show off your authentic self. So... we're doing it.