Everything has a beginning—let that be MAS.

We start with big and bold ideas. Blurring the lines between departments, we strategically collaborate from ideation to execution as one team. No silos allowed—we’re all creatives here.

Emotional advocates for your brand

Truly end-to-end, we balance strategic creativity with thoughtful execution to bring more emotion to your moment. Because isn’t that why we’re all here anyway? Emotion is what allows us to live—not just exist. It's what transforms an event into an experience, and what turns a feeling into something more. It's through emotion that brands can connect more deeply with their audiences. So yeah, emotion is what we're all about.

We're everywhere

As your partner, we dive headfirst into your world—identifying perspectives, audiences, products, insights, trends, and of course, challenges. With our creative prowess, we quickly master your brand, translate culture, and uncover hidden opportunities to help you navigate the now, or whatever the world throws at us next. As the world continues to shift and evolve, so do brand experiences—whether it’s an immersive in-person event, a one-night-only virtual celebration, a “hybrid” fusion of festivities, or something in between—it’s all about living in a moment uniquely yours.

experience it all

In a digitally dominated world, the moments where we physically come together are special. We make every detail count and fully immerse your audience in a world unique to you. Whatever you want them to feel, we deliver the emotions necessary to create meaningful connections with your brand.
It’s not about repackaging the old—it’s about reimagining the virtual experience in ways never thought possible. It’s finding new interactive solutions to make connecting easier, more meaningful, and more accessible. Whether a digital summit or an exploration of the metaverse, we find the right venue for the most impact.
We’re going to be real with you: there’s no such thing as a “hybrid event”—it’s two distinctly different experiences telling the same brand story. We think of “hybrid” as the magic in between. It’s where these two experiences intersect to create a place for meaningful moments shared by IRL and digital audiences.

How we build bold things.